#TakeAction – April 25, 2019

Let’s #TakeAction in the House and in our state Legislature today.

🔶 Support additional revenue sources in Washington’s budget
🔶 Urge Congresswoman Schrier to support the Judiciary Committee investigating whether President Trump should be impeached
🔶 Support SB 5323, the reusable bag bill

1. (ACTION) Call both your WA Representatives and your WA Senator; ask them to ensure the state’s basic needs are funded and that new revenue is generated through a more fair tax package.

  • Date: The final Washington state budget must pass by the end of the legislative session, currently scheduled for 28 April.
  • Action: Call both your WA Representatives and your WA Senator; ask them to ensure the state’s basic needs are funded and that new revenue is generated through a more fair tax package. If you prefer you can send them an email from this link http://participate.lwv.org/…/dia/action4/common/public/…
    • Ask your representatives to support a budget that includes:
    • Excise tax on sales and extraordinary profits of high valued assets (commonly called capital gains) that would generate new revenue while affecting a very small percentage of the population.
    • The change in Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) basis to make it more progressive as well as generate increased revenue.
    • These resources and more are needed in the final budget to increase fairness in the tax structure and to fund essential services for Washington State residents.”
  • Background: Other new revenue resources you can ask to be included in the budget are:
    • A surtax on insurance premiums that will generate funding that would be dedicated to wildfire prevention and suppression.
    • Changes in tax exemptions for non-residents and certain services.
    • Changes in the Business & Occupation tax (a tax paid on business revenue) for prescription drug sellers.
    • Removal of certain Business and Occupation Tax preferences (bullion dealers, travel agents and tour operators).
    • Replace the out-of-state sales tax exemption with a mechanism allowing for refunds.
    • Increase the Business and Occupation tax rate for certain categories of business, with those funds dedicated to higher education.
      • Some legislators still believe that new revenue sources are not needed, but they are badly needed. Increased revenues are needed to continue the work to address Education funding, to address the mental health lawsuit and for new needs, such as homelessness programs. The new revenue sources we’re asking for will make the most difference on both sides of the budget ledger. They will make the tax structure less regressive and fairer; and they will allow resources for programs that would otherwise not be funded. There is opposition from special interests to all of these proposed changes to the tax structure, which is why we need to push hard and let our legislators know how important they are.
  • Source: League of Women Voters: https://leagueofwomenvotersofwashington.wildapricot.org/…

2. (ACTION) Call Representative Schrier and ask her to co-sponsor H.Res.257, which would call upon the House Judiciary Committee to inquire whether President Trump should be impeached.

3. (ACTION) In connection with Earth Day earlier this week please contact Speaker Frank Chopp and URGE HIM to bring SB 5323 to a floor vote. This is the reusable bag bill, and it is deserving of a vote before the legislative session ends Sunday. Speaker Chopp hasn’t yet brought it to a floor vote. Senator Mona Das said the most helpful thing to do now is to email or call him and urge a floor vote.

There are several events for our group and others in the next 10 days on our calendar. Check it out! http://www.indivisible-wa8.com/calendar/

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