#TakeAction – November 1, 2019

Happy Friday everyone! Hope to see you at our monthly community meeting tomorrow at 10am, Issaquah King County library off Newport Way.

Here are ways you can #TakeAction today and this weekend:

🔶 Make calls for impeachment to other states
🔶 Last weekend for canvas opportunities1) Connect voters to Senators so they can demand a fair impeachment trial

The House has set the impeachment inquiry into motion. Now it’s the Senate’s turn.

Indivisible National identified 13 Senators who experts believe can be swayed. We need to call voters in those states and ask them to turn up the heat on their electeds.

Join Indivisible’s hubdialer program today and help make 11 million calls for impeachment! https://act.indivisible.org/signup/impeachment-senate-calls

2) Canvases:
· Saturday 10am for Rituja Indapure in Sammamish (City Council candidate)
· Saturday 10am for Kristiana de Leon in Black Diamond (City Council candidate)
· Saturday 1pm for Marcie Maxwell in Renton (Mayoral candidate)
· Sunday 1pm for Karen McKnight in Sammamish (City Council candidate)

Check out the Indivisible calendar at www.indivisible-wa8.com/calendar for the latest updates on canvass opportunities.

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