#TakeAction – December 11, 2019

Good morning! As keen observers of what’s been happening in our country, it’s up to us to help shape public opinion about impeachment.

How can we do this? Write a letter to the editor.

Image: Newspaper Layout : Headline: Letter to the Editor

Additional text: Write a letter in support of impeachment.

Here are some pointers from Indivisible: https://act.indivisible.org/lte/submit-letter-editor-impeachment-nobody-above-law

And here are a few links to local press:
Issaquah Reporter: https://www.issaquahreporter.com/submit-letter/
Auburn Reporter: https://www.auburn-reporter.com/submit-letter/
Sno Valley Record: http://www.valleyrecord.com/submit-letter/
Seattle Times: http://www.valleyrecord.com/submit-letter/

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