#TakeAction – January 8, 2020

Good morning, team. I hope you are all holding up ok under these incredible tensions.

Important actions to take today:

🔶 Call our members of Congress (MoC’s) and insist that they pass a resolution this week, prohibiting a war with Iran.

This is a Trump-created crisis and we are not standing idly by.

Info from Indivisible (and also an easy way to connect your call!): https://indivisible.org/demand-your-representative-rein-trumps-march-war?akid=56868.1084074.HOw4ZH&rd=1&source=email20190106link1&t=12&utm_medium=link1&utm_source=email

🔶 Also, please RSVP to our No War public presence in Issaquah tomorrow at 5PM: https://www.nowarwithiran.org/event/no-war-with-iran/126769/signup/?akid=&zip=&source=&s=

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