Reichert’s Comin’ Home

Reichert’s comin’ home, boys, Reichert’s comin’ home.
No matter where he runs and hides, no matter where he’s gone.
We don’t make empty promises,
You’ll re member we told ya so:
Reichert’s comin’ home, boys
Reichert’s comin’ home!

The GOP, they came to see
What Davy had to say
About their plan to take a stand
And kill the ACA
His arms spread wide, ol’ Davy cried
I’m easy either way!
I’ll do-see-do and blow and go
To whatever tune you fellas play… so-

Well next, they said, try this instead
EPA is goin’ down
Its drill and spill and stuff your till
Since Donnie’ come to town
Ol’ Davy smiled, he was beguiled
Those tree-huggin’ libs can shut it –
Boys just say when, I’ve got my pen-
Give the word, we’ll gut it! so –

Bridge (spoken at first)
But poor Davy, he’s scared of meetings now,
‘Cause he’s watched his pals go through ’em
An their lies fell flat,
And they got their big fat asses handed to ’em.
That won’t be me, says Dave, oh, no siree
I’ll never go that far;
I’ll just weave and duck and toss a couple of bucks at NPR…

Well we, the people, we the people,
We sent you to that town
Did you really think we’d just stand by
While you burned it to the ground?
We’re takin’ back our country,
We’re takin’ back our flag!
So Dave, you’re through, we’re comin’ for you,
Get a jump on packin’ your bags…cause –