Join National for Powering Progress!

Indivisible Civics and Indivisible’s Truth Brigade are launching a new Powering Progress campaign to celebrate the tangible benefits (millions of jobs! reliable renewable energy! lower healthcare costs!) of the Inflation Reduction Act, and to disrupt the disinformation that sabotages support of an active, inclusive government.

This summer, as fights over federal budget appropriations heat up, you’ll hear lies about government spending and how “we can’t afford” crucial government programs.

And, as the new school year approaches, you’ll hear lies about an inclusive and honest approach to education.

These disinformation campaigns may appear different, but they share the goal of undermining support for key government programs and creating an uneasy, fearful and divided populace.

Learn how to effectively counter these disinformation-spreaders and build support for an active, inclusive government that puts people first

  • The Indivisible Civics Powering Progress Launch is Thursday, July 13 from 5:00-6:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Register here
  • Indivisible Truth Brigade has already held their launch. See the campaign information here.