Take the WILA survey

A photo of the Washington state capital building in Olympia, with the logos of Washington Indivisible Legislative Action and Take Action Network. Text reads: Help our legislative action team Take the WILA survey today!

Well, it’s almost that time again. The 2024 state legislative session will begin in early January and the WILA bill tracking team will be gearing up.

Washington Indivisibles have statewide impact through the work of Washington Indivisible Legislative Action (WILA). WILA is a workgroup composed of volunteers from Indivisible groups throughout Washington. Each year, WILA identifies bills of significance in Olympia that either need a “push” or warrant opposition, and they then generate easy-to-use Calls to Action to Indivisibles around the state via the Take Action Network (TAN).

Thanks to WILA, Indivisibles around our state have had a huge impact on the legislative process, taking tens of thousands of individual actions annually to influence the course of bills in the Legislature.

In order to be truly representative of membership priorities, WILA conducts an annual survey to determine which issues are of the greatest importance to all of us Indivisibles. So, please take a few minutes and fill it out: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScL8ZmkL_M58GiErb6aP6V0LrkYXv39gJUad2KaNzyz-aruZA/viewform

If you haven’t been involved in WILA’s bill tracking efforts in previous years, but are interested in becoming involved, the survey gives you an opportunity to indicate that interest. If you want to increase your involvement in Indivisible and have immediate statewide impact, please consider volunteering!