Project 2024 is Launching!

Indivisible National is launching Project 2024 for this election season.

Project 2024 is what we do to prevent Project 2025 from becoming a reality. If we want a country where everyone’s freedoms are protected, and a government that serves all the people, not just the select few, we need to take action all year long!

I’ll be going over different parts of the strategy over several posts. Starting with “Surround Sound Messaging”

What’s the theory behind Surround Sound Messaging?

Republican policies are not popular. They’re extreme. But, many people don’t realize just how extreme the policies are, or that their Unrepresentative Republican runs as a moderate at home and votes as an extremist in DC or Olympia.

The idea of surround sound messaging is to keep putting information “out there” to help voters understand the stakes of the 2024 election and why they should support the progressive candidates and policies.

Surround Sound Messaging is about authentic community voices — including yours! — not about messages coming from political campaigns and pundits. People respond to authentic messages from fellow members of their communities in a different way. When all of us are repeating those messages, that increases effectiveness as well.

How do I participate in Surround Sound Messaging?

  • Letters to the Editor – Keep extremism in the news! For example, when a random judge in Alabama decides that a failed IVF attempt is the same as an abortion, write a letter to the editor to keep that in people’s minds as an issue when deciding who should be appointing federal judges in 2025. If one of the “Let’s Go Backwards” initiatives really angers you, write a letter to the editor about who should be setting the agenda in Olympia next year.
  • Other public forums such as radio call-in shows can be alternative public squares to newspapers if you live in a “news desert.”
  • On social media, ongoing training on effective progressive messaging is available by registering for Truth Brigade
  • We recently held a terrific rally to remember January 6th. Help our chapter plan more rallies, sign waving, and events to remind voters about the stakes in this election and the real issues they need to be paying attention to.

The video link below is set to jump to 19:06 to the portion of the Project 2024 Kickoff Zoom call that describes Surround Sound Messaging.

But what do I write about?

If you’re on the Indivisible National email lists, here are two suggestions from this week:

Write an LTE about Kate Cox, Brittany Watts, and the harsh reality of Republican abortion laws. It’s easy to focus on the political reality of Republicans’ inhumane abortion laws and forget the real impact. Whether it is Kate Cox having to fly out of state to receive life-saving care agreed upon by her doctor and the courts, Brittany Watts facing potential criminal charges for experiencing a miscarriage, or families across Alabama being unsure about the future of IVF, these draconian bans impact real lives. Make sure your community knows about the actual cost of Republican extremism.

Write an LTE about the MAGA plan to privatize Medicare. Trump intends to make Medicare Advantage the default program for all newly eligible Medicare participants. Medicare Advantage plans regularly deny coverage for essential care and patients covered by it are more likely to die in the month following major cancer surgeries than patients who have traditional Medicare. What does that mean: Republicans would put our lives in jeopardy to line the pockets of private investors. Write an LTE today to let people know about Trump’s latest threat. 

You can also find LTE topics under the “Talking Points” tab on the Majority over MAGA website