It’s Farm Worker Week!

It’s spring planting season! Time to remember the farm workers who feed us!

This message comes from Faith Action Network:

Farmworkers feed the world, but are often invisible–85% of our fresh fruits and vegetables are hand-picked. This is a week that we can lift up the lives and work of the 2.5-3 million migrant and seasonal workers who labor in the fields in the United States.

Farm work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Those who plant and harvest our fruits and vegetables suffer from the highest rate of toxic chemical injuries of any other workers in the nation and have higher incidences of heat stress, dermatitis, and some other medical problems than other wage-earners.

Farmworkers are treated differently under the law. Overtime, unemployment insurance, and even protection when joining a union are not guaranteed under federal law. Unemployment Benefits for Undocumented Workers did not pass our state legislature this session.

Ways to take action

Tuesday March 26th at 11:00 Online

The National Farm Worker Ministry will be holding an education webinar (in both English and Spanish) to learn more about how Farm Workers of all races suffer from the enduring legacy of slavery and racism in America.

Learn more and register here

Asunci├│n Valdivia Heat Illness, Injury, and Fatality Prevention Act of 2023

States like Florida and Texas are banning local heat standards for workers. That’s why we need federal standards. Only a handful of states — California, Oregon and Washington — have policies on farm work in extreme heat. With climate change, outdoor workers are more in danger every year. Farm workers are as much as 35 times more likely to be killed by heat than any other civilian occupation.

  • Call Senator Murray and thank her for co-sponsoring S. 2501 to protect farmworkers
  • Call Senator Cantwell and ask her to join Senator Murray and co-sponsor S.2501 to protect farmworkers
  • Call Representative Schrier and ask her to join Rep. Jayapal and Rep. Larson and co-sponsor HR 4897 to protect farmworkers
  • You can also message them through this action page provided by the United Farm Workers

Bill pages: