Getting Inspired…

Just after of our fabulous community-building rally, we had… um.. what exactly on TV last week? If you’re looking for ways to get “fired up” again here are some ideas. If the specific opportunities below have all passed, check out our Calendar and GOTV pages for new entries.

Leah and Ezra host a coffee-chat Monday, July 1st at 1:00.

Ezra has a great blog post What We Do After the Debate

You’re going to hear me repeat this a lot in the months to come: When voters focus on the personalities, we struggle. When voters focus on the stakes, we win. And what all the data so far tells us is that many, many voters do not yet understand the stakes.

Ezra Levin

Our work to prevent MAGA extremists from running our country stays the same. The candidates we mobilize for and vote for don’t change.

If you haven’t heard Ezra and Leah speak recently, take the time to join the next Coffee Chat Monday at 1pm. We promise you’ll come away feeling a little bit better about what we need to do and how it’s not as hard as you think.

Do the work right in your neighborhood, or even from home

Getting out there and talking to people is always better than sitting at home and worrying. If you aren’t signed up for our chapter email list, please reach out and ask to get signed up. We’ll be focusing extra hard on election activities for the remainder of the summer and fall. The summer primary is often very low turnout — getting a few more ballots out can really help get progressive candidates past the finish line!

The Kim Schrier campaign is hosting a phone bank on Sunday, June 30th at 5pm

Get all the information you need for Sunday’s phone bank here, or pick any Wednesday in July here

The Washington Democrats Coordinated Campaign has lots of events this week and throughout the campaign season

Check out their linktree

The Indivisible Neighbor2Neighbor Program lets you start small and close to home

Ask 10 neighbors to commit to participating in the 2024 election, starting with our state primary in less than three weeks. Sign up here.

Small Actions Big Results with Carol

Carol Killingworth’s YouTube channel will continue to post both specific activities and general inspiration. Her most recent videos are Birth Control is on the Ballot and What Kind of America Do You Want?

Keep up your energy by taking time for community

You don’t have to go through this election cycle alone — make time to live, laugh and learn with like-minded friends, new and old! Mark your calendar for our next couple of social events:

Summer Picnic Social – July 20th at 11:00 at Beaver Lake Park

Bring your own picnic lunch, desserts and fun activities will be provided.

Wine and Whine – July 26th at 6:30 at No Boat Brewing in Snoqualmie

Our monthly social time is an informal come-and-go event for whatever time you have to spend with us.