I-2109 threatens funding for childcare and schools

Initiative I-2109 would repeal the state extraordinary profits tax (capital gains) which provides money to the Education Legacy Trust Account (ELTA).

The Education Legacy Trust Account funds:
– expanding affordable childcare and early education
– special education for students with disabilities
– technical and community colleges
– repairing and replacing crumbling schools

If passed, I-2109 will slash more than $5 billion from these vital programs over just 6 years. It will also shift more tax responsibility on middle and low income families, as well as Washington businesses that would lose state funding for affordable childcare. I-2109 would make our childcare and school funding crisis worse.

The Washington Education Association (WEA), Children’s Alliance, Mom’s Rising Together, and more than 100 Washington small businesses, taxpayers, parents, teachers, & children’s groups oppose I-2109.

If you’d like to help defeat this initiative, visit https://www.no2109.org/ .