Election Newsletter – July 8th

Have a “Bring Your Own Ballot” Party!

A Ballot Party is an interactive event in which guests come together to research and fill out their ballot to make sure everyone votes. They can be hosted in-person or online – among friends or with complete strangers. It’s super simple:

Choose a date and time!

Election day is Tues, Aug 6th so we suggest sometime during the week before that. Set a time that works for you and perhaps make it an open house for a few hours so people can drop-in when it’s convenient for them.

Invite a wide circle of friends, neighbors and family – or even just a handful. 

Yes, you want people to attend your event, but send an invitation even to people you think may not be able to attend as a reminder to fill out their ballots. Sometimes all it takes is a reminder or signal that this is important to you that will make the difference between a ballot in a ballot box or a ballot left on a counter.

Day of the Event

Put out a few snacks – you can even ask folks to bring some – and have a few voting guide resources and endorsements so folks can look up any races they may have questions about. Here are a few options:

Vote 411 League of Women Voters Ballot Tool

Washington Conservation Voters Endorsements

Progressive Voter’s Guide

Here’s a more formal resource/suggested activities, but remember, you can keep it simple, too!

Make Democracy easy and fun!

Plus! We all need more fun in our lives and what a great excuse for a party so set a date, get those invitations out and help your friends and loved ones VOTE!

As we mentioned in last week’s newsletter, voting up and down the ballot is so important and we know our primary ballot is going to be pages long this time around! By throwing a party, you’ll make voting more accessible and support the people in your life who might not fill out their entire ballot without your help.

One More Thing

Project 2025 is starting to get some attention and that’s exactly what we want! 

Project 2025, led by The Heritage Foundation, is a collection of policy transition proposals that outline how, should Trump win the November election, he can vastly remake the federal government most effectively to carry out an extremist far-right agenda. 

Here’s a great video to watch so you have the language to talk about how much damage it would do to our democracy. Be sure to share the video with friends and on your social media, too!