Take Action to prevent a default!

The Republican negotiators are offering the administration a terrible choice: Default on America — slashing critical programs and services for schools, veterans, the elderly and disabled, etc. Or, Default on the World — crashing the banking system and the economy internationally. Even if the United States resumes paying principal and interest on Treasury Bills after a “temporary” default, the world’s trust in the USA’s government, banking, and currency will be shaken. Indeed, confidence in the US government is already declining.

As Indivisible Founder Ezra Levin says,

I’d say grab your popcorn, but constituents can and should be part of the show. Those with supportive Democratic representatives should demonstrate support for defeating the hostage-takers. Those with GOP representatives have a time-limited opportunity to directly impact national political strategy. We’re all writing the ending together.

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The Consequences of a MAGA Default Crisis

This crisis is not the same as previous government shutdowns related to failure to pass a spending bill before the end of the fiscal year. If Republicans force a default crisis, here’s just a sampling of the harms it would cause:

How to Take Action

You can text the number in the graphic above to get help connecting to our Representative, or call scripts are available here.