Thanks to all who came out for our June meeting!

Thank you to everyone who came to our June community meeting! We got to hear (all-too-briefly) from Rep Schrier before she dashed off to a second engagement. In addition, we met some candidates for local offices who are looking for support:

  • Pam Stuart, Kerry Bosworth, and Roisin O’Farrell, all running for Sammamish City Council
  • Victoria Hunt (not pictured), running for Issaquah City Council
  • Scott Mason (not pictured), running for Enumclaw School Board
Just 1 in 5 ballots are returned in local off-year elections. Your activism can make a big difference!

Local elections matter!

  • Plans for local development, services, and schools make a huge impact our daily lives
    • Do you want better local options for housing, transportation, parks, adapting to climate change? That’s your city council!
    • Are you concerned about attracting and keeping good teachers and fighting book bans? That’s your school board!
  • In addition, electing progressive candidates at the local level builds the “bench” of experienced candidates for higher-level offices

It’s so important to volunteer time and donate to candidates you support that are facing August primaries. Off-year elections are low turnout, and off-year primaries in the summer when people are not paying attention to politics are hard.