Take Action in Olympia!

The legislature is going into its second week of a 60 day session with lots of bills under consideration. The Washington Indivisible Legislative Action team, which includes 3 volunteers from our own WA CD-8 chapter on the environment, gun safety, and healthcare bill tracker groups, will be posting #TakeAction items for important bills on the Take Action Network (TAN).

We will of course try to get information into our regular #TakeAction emails, but things can move fast during a 60 day session, so we do ask that members check TAN directly as well.

If you’re not signed up for TAN, just click on this link and then click on our logo (or the logo of the Indivisible group you identify with the most). Tell TAN what your highest priorities are, and you will get updates on opportunities to take action on the issues that are most important to you.

Many people also like to have an account on the legislative website to make it easier to quickly sign in pro or con to committee hearings. You can do that here.

The following resources will help you get acquainted with TAN and becoming more involved with the legislative process:

Or sign up for training and interactive help over zoom

TAN has a lot of action items, but don’t be intimidated! Once you have your accounts set up, you can sign in or comment on a bill in just a couple minutes, and the session will go fast! In fact, the first deadline after which bills have not passed their initial assigned committee will be dead is coming up on January 31st so there is no time to lose!