Project 2024 Part 2: Neighbor 2 Neighbor

This is part 2 of the Project 2024 postings. For the previous entry on surround sound messaging, see this link.

Indivisible National is calling our focus this year: Project 2024: Majority Over Maga. Maga-ism is not popular, just loud, but the non-extremist majority needs to believe that our votes will make a difference. We need to get voters to the polls despite whatever noise we are hearing on the media about the “inevitable” return of the Former Guy and his extremist co-conspirators.

If anyone can make us hopeful that we can do this, check out this Majority over Maga overview from Leah and Ezra:

Looking at the 2024 election landscape, the Indivisible initial key races map looks like this (subject to change as the election season goes on)

Looking at our little corner of the map, the “Target House District” in Washington is CD-3, where Marie Gluesenkamp Perez is expected to have an extremely close race and extensive outside spending trying to “flip” her seat back. Our district, CD-8, is yellow for “Competitive”, and the focus there will be “N2N Access”. What’s that?

N2N is short for Neighbor 2 Neighbor, a form of canvassing that is highly effective, but low barrier to entry.

To make it easier on volunteers:

  • The contact lists are short – sign up for just 10 names at a time.
  • The technology volunteers need is simple: It works over email, no phone or app needed.
  • There’s no report-back requirement: You take your names and you’re on your honor to knock on the doors.
  • It’s highly localized: The volunteer enters their address, and the database finds 10 available names closest to your home. The hope is that you can get-out-the-vote while walking your dog!

Learn more about Neighbor 2 Neighbor at this point in the Majority Over Maga launch video, and watch for the sign ups to open in April! (Yes, it’s the same video, it’s just starting at a different point)

(old link, do not use) You can sign up on the interest list for Neighbor2Neighbor on the Majority Over MAGA website

Update: The Neighbor2Neighbor pre-registration up is open for WA-08!