Presidential Primary Ballots Due, also Sine Die

Presidential Primary Ballots are Due!

Wasn’t the State of the Union address great!

Wasn’t the Republican “response” creepy and full of lies about immigrants and crime? (You can send Sen Britt’s comms director a sympathy note if you’d like!)

The stakes of this election couldn’t be more clear! So turn in your primary ballot and get involved!

The presidential primary is our one and only partisan election in Washington. In other words, it is the only election where you must declare a party preference in order to cast your ballot. If you’re unfamiliar or don’t remember from four years ago, the Secretary of State’s office has an explainer here

Briefly: You will mark a party box on the outside of the ballot return envelope to enable ballot auditing — the final counts of votes for each side of the ballot need to match the number of votes cast. Your party preference is public record for up to 60 days while votes are tallied and the election is certified. On the ballot itself, you mark one vote for one candidate based on the party you choose on envelope — and who you voted for (or whether you voted for “uncommitted”) is completely private, as in any other election. If you mark the ballot for both parties, your vote cannot and will not be counted.

Ballot drop boxes are open 24-hours until 8:00 Tuesday March 12th.

Sine Die

The end of the Legislative session is called “sine die

If you’ve been taking actions with WILA on TAN this session, you can see how your favorite bills turned out on the WILA Bill tracking page

As of press time, there are still a couple of WILA actions up to urge the governor to take actions on certain bills that will reach his desk. Check the current list here.