No on 2117 Coalition Launched

If stopping I-2117 (the “Fossil Fuels Forever!” initiative on our ballots this fall) is an issue you care about, you’ll be happy to see that the No on 2117 coalition website has launched!

If passed, I-2117 would end the Washington’s Climate Commitment act and strip away funding from communities across the state, including:

  • Investments in clean air and water, like programs to reduce toxic air and water pollution that endangers our families and communities.
  • Current programs that lower costs for Washingtonians, like utility bill discounts for households with low incomes.
  • Preventing wildfires, including funding for local governments to prepare against fires.
  • Transportation programs, putting transit service, ferries, and road projects across Washington at risk and making traffic worse.
  • Support for Tribal nations, like programs to help keep Native communities safe from flooding and sea level rise.
  • Investments in farmland, farmers, and ranchers, like grants that support farmers’ and ranchers’ sustainable practices.
  • Fish habitat and salmon recovery, like grants to remove barriers that hurt migrating salmon.

If you would like to be part of this cause, check out the website!